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Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Arizona
In 1941, Pearl Harbour, the radar spotted a wave of Japanese fighter Planes. The Americas thought it was their own but it wasn’t. It was a military strike, it led to the Americas entering World War 2.         
When the waves of Japanese fighter planes came in to Pearl Harbour in 1941 they started to take down the Battleships. In the end eight out of eight U.S battleships were damaged and one was the Arizona.
The Arizona was hit by an armoured piercing bomb so that’s your standard bomb; the bomb put a hole in the Arizona. And it sunk to the bottom of the Pearl Harbour. Today the Arizona is where it was in 1941  - at the bottom of Pearl Harbour!                   


  1. Thanks for sharing your report on Pearl Harbour Zach. I didn't realise that the Arizona was still at the bottom of Pearl Harbour !

    1. Your welcome. It was really fun to research something I have seen!!

  2. Great job Zach, it was a very important event in WW2 and a very special place to visit.

  3. Zach I'm really looking forward to reading more of your writing on your blog. You can write short ideas, recounts or reflections.